Local villages & towns


La Galera
This village near to Mas hosts a ceramic festival each year with potters coming from all over the Iberian peninsular and islands. Not much else going for it.


Horta de Sant Joan
Is a beautiful hill town in the Terra Alta behind the Els Ports mountains. It was made famous when Picasso moved there for several years during his blue period. It is now a popular tourist stop, but be prepared for the steep streets that wind up and down throughout the town. The rocks de Benet


Sant Carles de la Rapita
Our seaside town which is embraced by the southern curl of the Ebro Delta. Its fish restaurants are well patronised with people travelling down from Baracalona to enjoy the local shellfish and fish dishes. A new marina has just been completed to provide space for the growing number of leisure boat enthusiasts.


La Rasquerra
Is located in the hills about 35 minutes drive up the Ebro river. Once a year it hosts a Goat Fair, as in the past it was a famous location for buying and selling goats which herded in from all over Catalunya


Pinel de Brai
Made famous by the Gaudi designed Cooperative. The tiles along the front are amazing.


Cases d'Alcanar
Is a small fishing town just below the Delta & Sant Carles de la Rapita. It has a long pebbly beach which isn't very inviting. It does have some excellent fish restaurants, which easily make up for the dodgy beach. Well worth a visit for a fishy lunch.


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