December '06



We moved out of our home of 16 years at the beginning of the month and into a rented place until we were ready to drive down to Spain in January. The removal men arrived a day later than we expected, which caused a bit of a rush to get all the junk that we had accumulated in the loft and garage out and up to the tip. Anyway we just managed it and left the house in a tidy state for its new owners.

As it was our last Christmas living in England we majored out on partying with friends and family.



We flew out to sign the paperwork and hand over the money for the Mill in early December.

Thanks to the excellent work that our Estate Agent, Helen Rowe at Immobliares Rieres, everthing went smoothly and after an amusing session at the Notary, the deeds were in our hands and we were welcomed as being new "Pages Oliveres" or Olive Farmers.




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