Village Feste (A typical example of festes)

Some of the goings on at one of the various Festes in Mas de Barberans. Lots parades, parties, beauty queens, bull jumping. You know, the usual village thang. They even had a "catch the greased pig" with catcher's keepers this year May '10.

First of all the band parades round the village. If it's a supported Saint's day, they will either parade him around, or have a blessing of some sort depending on which saint it is for.

There are plenty of pictures of other festes on various monthly diary pages.


Bull Jumping
From the end April to the beginning of May, the village has its annual festes (Fiesta). A portable bullring is erected and there are livestock shows, horse riding demonstrations and bull jumping. Seriously. The bull chases one guy across the ring towards the jumper and veers off to one side, while the jumper runs at the charging bull, does a good plant and somersaults over the fast moving bull. The bulls are quite keen to get at close quarters with the contestants and the "distraction team" is put to good use quite often.


They love them.


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