Dillun i Floozie - Els primer Pares -

We found Dillun one Monday (Dilluns) in March 2008. He was wandering around the front of Bar Mario and we could see he was a nice looking dog. We said we would like to have him if he was still there the next day, and there he was. We bundled him into the back of the car and took him down to the Moli where we kept him overnights on a chain fastened to the front door. El es molt tranquil i ameable.

Since then he has up graded to a semi-detatched kennel with insulated walls and roof, a wooden floor and a carpet. He also likes his sandpile.

After Floozie died, he was distraught and a few weeks later left us to find a new partner. He was always a half wild dog, but it was a great shame when he left us.


One day, not long after Dillun had moved into the kennel, we were joined by Floozie who had followed Alex & Los as they jogged down from the village to the finca one morning. She was very much like a Springer Spaniel and in good condition. Despite asking around no-one claimed her and even though we tried to shoo her away she never left. She and Dillun became utterly inseperable, with inevitable results Ella es un bonna cacadora de conill.

She had five puppies with Dillun, which she brought up in our barn. Three of them where given to a dog rescue, and two boys where kept as guard dogs.

Unfortunately, after the puppies were 3-4 months old, she slipped her collar one night and got run over by a passing car. Dillun never got over her loss.





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