The Ebro Delta

The Ebro Delta forms a huge triangular wetland that is cropped for rice with the rest given over as wetland reserve. On one peninsula is a salt flat & production plant. The end beach, which starts at the lower river mouth and curves round the salt flats is about 8-9 kilometres long (depending on how wrecked you want to get your car).

It has a flock of several hundred indidgenous flamingos, as well as loads of other aquatic birdlife. Egrets & different sorts of Herons are everywhere



Paddy Fields & Beaches
The paddy fields disappear into the distance, criss crossed by raised canals, ditches and dirt tracks. "Montsia" rice is a big label round here. A lovely, slightly sticky rice. Perfect for paellas.

Platge Eucalipt runs from the southern side of the river mouth, all the way down and round to the hook of the delta where the salt flats are. Big lorries use a track at the back of the beach to reach the salt works. (The van had just overtaken the fairly fast moving lorry)

You can always find a good place to sunbath here however many people are on the beach, because it is so huge. The beach shelves gently into the sea and forms sand banks about 50 ft offshore. Lots of people rake the sand for shellfish while they at the beach, getting some sun, a swim and a meal all in one.



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