Els Ports natural park.

The backdrop to our finca. Seeing it from the car in the morning makes every journey down to work in the finca feel good.

Some of the pictures are taken up our barranc (de Lloret), the others are from the neighbouring barranc de Galera. The last few are from on and around Mont Caro.


Barranc de Galera & Mt. Caro
Barranc de Galera is huge. The car navigable track is about 21 kilometres long, winding in along the base of the barranc before climbing and winding its way up to a lookout point called "Tres Reyes" The Three Kings, as you can see Catalunya, Arragon & Valencia from there.

The first six pictures were all taken on a walk on a path up one side of the barranc, till the scarp fell away in a steep cliff into the Barranc de Lloret. There were some amazing rock formations.


Barranc de Lloret
Our finca is the first one you drive down to the bridge in the Barranc de Lloret. the road then winds on up the barranc for about 5 kilometres to where it finishes just after the Charnego bull farm (complete with bullring). From there you can walk up to the waterfall forms the start to the barranc, or walk up a side valley that has a cave that has stone age drawing in it. Both walks are tricky as the paths are poor.

The barranc rarely has water in it down at our finca, although in years past, when it had water in it all year round, the villagers used to swim in the pool that forms below the bridge at our finca.


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