Cleo, Piglet & Wnn

Cleo & Piglet are the only dogs we have in the finca for most of 2013, until towards the end of the year, a dark mottled bitch turned up one day and decided to stay. For a long time we didn't name her (we thought she was pregnant and looking for somewhere to have her puppies), so she became "The dog with no name". After we could see she wasn't pregnant, was very friendly and got on well with Cleo, Piglet & House, we made her welcome and shortened her name to "Wnn".

As far as we can tell she has run away from a nearby shepherd deciding, that life with us is better than being shouted at by a shepherd. The other two dogs are certainly enjoying her extra furriness when they sleep together in the kennel and now they are a pack of three dogs, their tally of rabbits has jumped considerably.

Enjoying a scratch
Piglet & Cleo in the spring '13
Piglet covered in burrs
Wnn & House Oct '13
Piglet Wnn & House on the  sandpile


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