The old bridge, waterfront & old quarter

Tortosa straddles the lower reaches of the Ebro river with the main part of the town on the northern bank. The old bridge is the town's central link between the two banks.

The old quarter runs up from the bridge to the Parador and is a maze of barrio building ranging from shells with no walls, through to desirable apartment blocks if you wanted to take on a serious renovation project.

The Food Market
My favourite building in Tortosa. Every visit makes me want to buy something from the wide variety of food stalls. Excellent quality produce, even if it not particularly cheap.

Tortosa Parador

The Parador is situated above the old quarter of the city with commanding views across the Ebro river and the surrounding countryside. On clear days you can easily see Mas de Barberans perched on the side of the Els Ports mountains. It was built there to protect the river traffic from bandits and coastal marauders. It had a deep well which provided fresh water and enabled the inhabitants to withstand prolonged sieges.


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