August '09

Quick visit
Back to the UK for a family party. Just before we came back to the UK I won a Ebay auction for a Sigma wide angle lens, so I soon had plenty of opportunity to try it out.

Bye bye Steve & Tim
We also to time out to have a drink at Teh Unicron (sic) before Steve and Tim move on to other things in other places.

Then much hotter
Well we might have had it hot in July, but the weather really turned the wick up in August. Until the last few days of the month, the temperatures were always above 32c during the day and peaked at just over 38c. It was really far to hot to do anything but wait until the sun went down and party.

Cabra Rising
The local wild goats can run straight up vertical cliffs if they so choose, as this one ably demonstrated one evening when we went for a walk further up the Barranc de Lloret. It took him an unhurried 20 seconds to get from the foot of the hill, up to the top which was about 120ft high. Cool.

Lucky dog
At the end of August we decided to go back to the animal rescue to find a friend for Dozer as he was pretty lonely without someone to play with. As we walked around we say some lovely dogs, but I spotted a small tan dog with a white spot on his forehead. I looked at his eyes, and sure enough, one was white and one was dark. It was Theo. He had been way at the vets with a bad tum and had been passed by when his sisters were chosen by their new owners. We said we would take him immediately and bundling him into the car we got him back to the Moli and re-introduced him to Dozer.

Soon they were racing around having a great time and the finca was a happier place.

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