Despite the Catalan's love for shooting everything that moves, there is a good variety of wildlife in and around our area. The trouble is trying to get photographs of it. At the moment I have only managed to get pictures of the local Cabra's (wild goats). The one in the bottom three pictures saw us and ran stright up the vertical cliff before reappearing at the top of the hill about 20 seconds later.

The wild boar are numerous, but extremely elusive and have so far stayed well out of my camera's viewfinder. Our barranc abounds with rabbits and there are hare, foxs and badgers out there. They are just unwilling to get photographed. The photo of the shepherd with his sheep was taken just outside the village. They make a beautiful sight and sound, with their clonking bells, as they wander up the road back home after a day's grazing.


Vultures rule the skies here. Nearly all Griffin vultures, but occassionally we spot an Egyptian vulture. The other birds of prey we see are booted eagles, black kites, kestrels, sparrow hawks and the occassional hobby.

Down on the Ebro delta, there is an indigenous Flamingo population as well as lots of Ibis and Herons and thousands of ducks. Ospreys do well catching fish in the shallow lagoons.


Bugs & things
The bugs are from the finca. The snake was in our kitchen in the flat. No kidding. It made me jump.


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