So named because he will live with us in No. 11.

He came from a litter of puppies at Restaurant Mario. He was about 8 weeks when we first saw him in July 2012. We took him back to live at our flat a couple of weeks later, so we could house train him and try to get some training embedded in him before he got set in his dog pack ways. He was quite dark as a puppy and was nearly called Jack as he had eyebrows just like Jack Nickelson. I spent his first two weeks with us sleeping on the sofa with my hand poking throuhg the mesh on his cage, so that he could lick my fingers for reasurance when he woke in the night.

It was well worth the effort. He is now an exuberant, very friendly (even with cats) but undemanding dog. If we could just stop him losing sackfulls of fur around the house every week he would be perfect.

A year later and he is much paler and even shaggier. He can't wait to get down to the finca in the morning to see if our other dogs are there and to have a run with them when they hunt for rabbits in the barranc. With his whiskers, he can look very Wookyish when the wind blows.

First days with us
10 weeks  (approx)
Ferret comfort
Scratch me please
Gorilla eyes
He still loves his toys
Handsome boy
Wooky in the wind
In the finca late 2013


A special mention has to go to his best friend Akon. The only Spanish, Romanian, English Bulldog (well, at least in this village). They love to have sleepovers and chase each other around, or just watch the world go by. And bark at it.



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