July '06


It was our sons 18th birthday this weekend.

Pondgirl & I did not want him and his mates roaming the pubs of Reading on his birthday, so we decided to let them have a house party on the Saturday night, while we went out on the bike to stay at The Hograost, a GS bike event in Andover.

Judging from the amount of stuff we need to clear up after he had tidied up, they all had a good time. Only one minor hospitalisation and no visits from the neighbours, roving gatecrashers, or the police.




We are just waiting for the final stamp from the local government in Tarragona on our planning permits and we can sign the final contracts. Our house in the UK has now gone up for sale, so we are just waiting to see if anyone is interested. If someone does bite and wants to move quickly, we will most probably move into rented accomodation in Spain while we get the necessary stamp and get the house built.


All the best


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