November '12

The dogs are all well and posed for their monthly pictures. Piglet was hoping to get a bit of cushion to lie down on, but Panda would have none of that. Cleo gave here most imperial look, while House looks more like a Wookie every day.


The kitchen units and work surface have now been finished, so now the cooker, dishwasher and fridge can be fitted. Hopefully they will get this done before long.


The the bathrooms (except the ensuite) have been finished, parquet flooring is in the bedrooms and the doors have all been fitted. The carpenter is now working on the unit which will house the sinks in the ensuite bathroom. Down in the garage, there is enough plumbing to sustain a hotel.

There is no way that they are going to finish all the bits and pieces before the end of the month, so it is going to be a tight squeeze for us to get in before Xmas.

Until then we are spending time in our less than spacious flat.

O joy of joys.

Our Olive Oil
We have managed to collect just over 5,000 kilo's of olives in the last six weeks and it has all been processed at our cooperative "Soldebre". Now it will be cold filtered to remove the mucky sludge and then the filtered oil is going to be bottled into 1/2 litre bottles and labelled up.

Seeing we have achieved an even lower acidity level than in previous years (0.3% rather than the previous 0.4%), we are looking forward to having some of the best quality, single estate, Extra Virgin olive oil you can buy. Get your credit cards ready for when we ship it back to the UK early in the new year.

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