Mas de Barberans

740 inhabitants in a stunning location on the front scarp of the Els Ports mountains. Famous for evening breezes in summer and week long gales in winter, oh, and the meat which is first class. Most, if not all, villagers have their own fincas either on the edge of the mountains, or scattered across the plain in front of Mas

There is a church, two restaurants and a bar, a bank, a doctors surgery, a chemist, two bakers, several "General stores, two with butchers",. Oh, and a mechanic, a metal worker, an agrochem outlet, a swimming pool, and several "Casa Rurals" amongst other things. This is all run by the Town Hall which has an impressive record in getting village improvement projects funded. Did I forget to mention the palm museum that was finish August '10? At the moment (Oct '10), they are having all the walls that run through the village cleaned of plaster and then having the rocks repointed .

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