In June 2008
we visited Barcelona for the first time, to meet friends who live there and to see the sights.

The Sagrada Familia is as impressive close up as it is in all the photo's you see. I don't have a good head for heights, so we stayed on the ground. It was interesting to see the different styles that have been employed over the years of its construction.

Park Guell is outstanding. The exuberance of the place and the multitude of different motifs used mark it as one of the truly exceptional public places to visit.

The old palace is now a art museum. Not my favourite sort of thing, but very imposing and on a (rare) clear day, it would offer amazing views over the city.


Flamenco club
One evening our friends Barbara & Des took us to a Flamenco cub they rated. It was a tiny basement room with seating for about 50. We were lucky enough to get front row seats and were treated to 1 hour's worth of pure energy, Flamenco stylee. The two dancers were both brilliant as were the backing musicians. The singing made all the hairs on my neck stand out.

Euro 2008
Our last night coincided with the Euro cup finals where Spain won in great style. Barcelona erupted in a profusion of noise as fireworks were set off, people erupted onto the streets and cars and bikes raced past horns blazing while their passengers hung out their windows waving flags. We took the bus home after midnight and it was like watching one huge street party through the windows.

One night we were all given these masks which were advertising a new Cubana review. Lol


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