February '14

Cut & Burn
As soon as I had finished the ploughing, Florin (& Akon) came round to help us start pruning the trees while we tried to keep up burning all his cuttings. With Florin cutting, I could collect all the branches on the tractor's trailer and dump them next to the fire where PG could safely burn them. We only plan on pruning about a third of the finca's trees this year, then we can prune the others on alternate years.


The Dove of Mas
The scree slope in the shape of a flying dove, is a famous landmark for Mas de Barberans. It is on the hills just behind the town and there are two smaller doves nearby. This was taken from the seating area by the village bassa. I often often sit here and watch the vultures soaring along the cliffs faces.


Ladies Lunch
This time the annual village ladies lunch party was held at Restaurant Mario. Lots of noise, wine, dancing and just chatting. PG & Carol had a great time, although I'm not sure that they joined in with the line dancing.


Laser show
The way these clouds just lit up when the sun hit them was just like one.



Seen it scenic
Every now and then we get a wall of fog that rolls across the plain below Mas de Barberans. Sometimes the dividing line between the fog and the clear air is razor sharp. This year, the early spring shrubs have been amazing, especciaally the rosemary and the gorse. The last shot is of some clouds looming out of a low sky at the back of the village near the dove.


Broken hearted
On the night of the 19th, our almacen was broken into and all our equipment and tools were stolen. A gang of thieves raided numerous aimacens all around the area including ours, taking everything of value that they could pick up. We lost over 6,500 € in total, other people lost more. Now we have to buy new chainsaws, socket & spanner sets. Things like the 2 mountain bikes we will just have to write off.



Almond blossom
Is everywhere at the moment. These trees are below our house, which is looking good in the background.

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